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Is time intelligence possible through Beast Mode? Meaning is row level context possible - if the date on the current row is 1/1/2019 can a measure effectively be instructed to go back exactly one year and grab that value and insert it in the row? Attached is an example data set where I would want a PY measure.


I've tried to follow the exact instructions below from the URL below but have not had success. : https://knowledge.domo.com/Visualize/Adding_Cards_to_Domo/KPI_Cards/Transforming_Data_Using_Beast_Mode/Sample_Beast_Mode_Calculations%3A_Period-over-Period_Transforms#YOY:_Multi-Period_Comparison


In reading through the measures, I'm not seeing where logic is applied at the row level that would give DOMO context to go back a certain internval to grab the prior year amount. 


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    It's best in Domo (and really any system) to build transformations in the ETL, and reserve Beast Mode for those things you can't achieve because of dynamic analysis. I'd also caution against forcefitting solutions across tools.  They will each have their own optimum ways to achieve results.  


    I find that many people I work with drastically overuse beast mode.  I understand why, but you'll find more stable long-term solutions using ETL.  



  • Hello - Have you tried achieving this in Magic ETL?  There, you can created a column which is the date field minus one year, and then rejoin it to itself to pull in the prior year figure as its own field.  Magic ETL handles loops well.  


  • I have not tried it yet - I figured that was one route (sounds like the approach I will have to take). I was more just trying to explore whether the beast mode functions / the way DOMO is built if the measures have the capability of doing any type of time intelligence like you'd see in Tableu or Power BI. 


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  • Thank you! Very helpful advice/thoughts on the subject.