chart data creation question

hi all - 


I would just like to know how to add the highlighted section in DOMO(column B).


I have the column C coming from a Dataset. 


Also, the first number in column B (1504) is a static number that will be built upon... 


how can I put that in there?





  • So is Column B a running total of Column C? If so you can do the following


  • thanks! I will try this out...


    follow up question...


    the first cell in column B is a static number(1504), how can I add that in there?

  • What's the data source coming from when you pull it into Domo? If it's Excel/CSV you could do a workaround where you manually add an older date like 2016-01-01 and have the per month value be 1504, just make sure when you build your cards you make sure the starting date is always after that, then your running total will still calculate and show correctly. Not super elegant but maybe someone else has a better way.