ChannelAdvisor - Authorization Failed

I'm attempting to establish a connection to ChannelAdvisor. I've got my dev-key and password configured in Domo and it authenticates properly. I've even followed their documentation ( to make sure the profile / account IDs are approved for my developer key.


The odd part is that when I go to create a new connection using that accout it will authenticate itself correctly when pulling a list of profiles / account ids from the list for Account Name, however when I attempt to actually run the connector it always fails with "Authorization Failed" and no additional helpful information.


I'm able to call the ChannelAdvisor API just fine outside of Domo and retrieve results but was wondering if anyone else had issues pulling data with the ChannelAdvisor connector or if there's an actual issue with the connector itself.

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🔴
    Accepted Answer

    This ended up being an issue with ChannelAdvisor - They needed to approve the API connection on their end.