SurveyMonkey Responses irrelevant data

Hi, Has anybody had success in importing SurveyMonkey responses to DOMO?


I have tried using all report choices but all I get is metadata and no luck with Survey Responses.


  • Hi @user11159 


    you should see a "Survey Details" that would get you the tittle and question categories

    and another report called "All Survey Details" that would have all responses to the questions.


    you can join the 2 reports by SurveyID, QuestionsID and Title

  • Hi, Thank you for the prompt response.


    I followed your instructions and created two datasets i. Survey Details ii All Details but none of the datasets have the individual responses that I am looking for and just provide Analysis url.


    Attached are the schema screenshots for both the datasets.

  • Im not sure what are you trying to get but those 2 datasets allow me to build reports like this one in the screenshot

    Screen Shot 09-24-19 at 01.44 PM.PNG