How can we display two values on x- axis?

I have a forcasted value, and actual value received every month. As Forcasted values are constant, like manual file uplaod which is decided by sales org in starting of the year.

So How can I display the forcasted and actual revenue recived each month of the year. Which graph to be used, and how.


Sample is attached.

Where Monthly Plan is forcasted plan value uplaoded manually.

Monthly Revenue plan is the actual revenue .

Orders received each month.


How can I display this is domo ?

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  • ST_-Superman-_
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    You should be able to use a Line and Grouped Bar chart here.  


    As for the how, that really depends on the structure of your dataset.  Would you mind sharing a sample of your dataset?  Feel free to change any values you need to, as long as the schema stays the same as what you are working with, we should be able to produce your chart.




  • I just read about grouped stackbar +Line. It worked. thank you.

  • In between do we have this capability in Domo graph. It shows value on bar ? like I want to display every months forcasted value, eg: at present show foracasted value of December?

     attached is the screenshot.

  • You can use the Chart Properties "Data Label Settings" to accomplish this:2019-10-29_12-53-29.png


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