Can you change axis variables with a filter?

Can I make a bar chart which changes axis values based on a filter. 


For instance I have a filter with two values: Product and Salesperson. 


I want to show a bar chart which shows Revenue per Product, or Revenue per Sales Person, depending on what I choose in the filter. 


(P.S I do not want a secondary axis). I want to see either Product or Salesperson on the X-Axis, and Revenue on the Y-axis. 

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    in theory you can do it but it will involved some data manipulation. 


    run a flow that aggregates revenue by product and call the column holding the product "X-axis"

    then run another table aggregation of revenue by Sales Person and call the column holding the Sales person "X-Axis"


    append the 2 aggregations and create and output

    building the card use the "X-axis" column that holds both Product and Sales Person as you card x-axis and as a quick filter setting by defult only 1 of the 2 (otherwise you'll have duplicate revenue) ..... then with the quick filter you'll able to toggle between product and sales person


    I hope this makes sense


  • This is not something can be done right now but this is a great idea I have been wanting for a while. I thought this was on the idea exchange but could not find it. You should add it and I will vote for it and get others to vote for it as well. 

  • That's a great way to go about it. The only problem comes in the default filter. If I set a filter at the card level, then changing the page level filter does not change the values in the card (or brings them to 0), since at the card level only one value is selected. 


    But I like the idea anyways. Thanks

  • add the "X-axis" column  as a quick filter but on edit mode leave only 1 selected but on the quick filter area to the right of the chart not on the filter area (left upper corner)


    Update:  here an example image

    Screen Shot 11-07-19 at 11.32 AM.PNG

  • I've also shared the idea on the Ideas Exchange forum. Please like the post. 


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