Trouble showing only %_percent_of_category labels on a 100% stacked bar

I am wondering if it is possible to show only my label settings even when hovering and hovering on the legend in a 100% Stacked Bar. The card is currently set up to show labels of %_Percent_of_category so in the default it only shows % labels (see second attached screenshot). I also have my hover settings adjusted to show the %_percent_of_category as well. However, when I hover for a day, I see the % for that particular category for that day, but the other days it shows the actual summed value (see first attached screenshot). The same occurs when I hove over one of the categories in the legend.


Is there a way to only have the %_percent_of_category shown in all places at all times instead of showing multiple different values?




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    When you hover over a visualization, you are shown the hover text for the spot your mouse is at as well as the "Hints" or tooltips for the other areas of the graph.  If you select "Remove Hints", you will no longer see the tooltips when hovering.  I am not aware of a way to customize the hints to display the % however.




    That could be a good feature request in the ideas exchange.


  • Thanks for the input. This is a great workaround. Ideal scenario would be to still allow for all values to show up as the desired label setting, but this does effectively prevent certain values that we don't want shared with end users from showing in the card.




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