DataSet Name has no DataSets listed in Workbench 5

When I setup a Workbench Job, I manually typed in the DataSet name. When it ran it created a new DataSet. I tried to use the Browse to link it to the correct DataSet, however it is blank. No DataSets listed at all. How do I get the DataSet Name under Domo Details on the Overview tab in Workbench 5 to populate?

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    can you send a screenshot of where you're running into problems?


    it's unclear to me whether you configured a workbench job without a title for the dataset.  or if you added a title to the dataset but aren't seeing it in Domo.

  • Question really should be: Why doesn't the Domo Details in Workbench show the DataSet Names that are currently on Domo? Screen Shot attached. What is listed is a data set I set up in Workbench, not the 19 data sets I have in Domo. How come they don't sync up?Data Set Picker.png

  • jaeW_at_Onyx
    jaeW_at_Onyx Budapest / Portland, OR 🟤

    are all the datasets in Domo Workbench jobs?

    Do you own all of them?

    Did you set up all the jobs on THAT machine?


    check the documentation


    Can I save Workbench jobs to a shared folder? I want multiple users to be able to access and edit the jobs, but I can't figure out where jobs are saved on the drive.

    All Workbench jobs are saved in the cloud and tied to a specific login, not saved locally. Therefore, the recommended solution to this problem is to install Workbench on a common server then create an admin user to be used by all users who need to modify jobs. Thus, all these users will be able to access the jobs, and you will not need to worry about saving copies of the job on a physical drive. Although multiple users can use Workbench simultaneously, only the first opened instance will get the live updates from the Workbench service. We generally do not recommend having multiple instances of Workbench open because of multiple people have the same job open and are making changes, the last person to save will overwrite all other changes. 

    Can I share Workbench jobs?

    Jobs are tied to the Workbench installation in which they were created. If you wanted to share a job, you would need to export that job on the Workbench installation in which it was created then import it into the second installation of Workbench.


    Note: It is not recommended to have the same job running on two different instances of Workbench at the same time. If you do export a job from one and import it into another, be sure to remove it from its original Workbench instance after successfully importing it into another.  

  • Are all the datasets in Domo Workbench jobs? No, this is the issue.


    Do you own all of them? Yes


    Did you set up all the jobs on THAT machine? Yes, but on the Domo website not in workbench.

  • Thanks. Don't like that answer, but appreciate you clarifying. Wish it was the other way. With me having to setup in workbench first, I would need to create the data first, get it into Domo, then create the needed cards/dashboards. Seems like you should be able to go both ways. 

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