How to grant permission for a user to access an ETL dataflow?

I have a privledged user that has access to the dataset however he can't seem to access the actual ETL dataflow. How would I go around doing that? Thanks

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🔴


    You'll need to have admin priveleges to do this or work with your instance's Domo Admin to set this up.


    You'd need to either give all Privileged users the "Edit Dataflow" permission for that specific role (More > Admin > Roles) or create a new role for this specific user which has the "Edit Dataflow" permission and assign the user this new role. This is assuming they've had the dataflow shared with them. Currently the only way to allow another user to view a dataset is for them to have the "Manage Dataflows" and "Edit Dataflows" permissions.


    If you want them to have permission to view any dataflow even if it hasn't been shared with them they'd also need the "Manage Dataflows" permission. This is connsidered a high security grant because it gives access to all dataflows.

  • Wait, how do I share a dataflow with a user? I see that I can share a dataset that a dataflow outputs but I'm not seeing where I can do the former.


    Also for clarification, say I have a dataflow that takes in 15 different inputs. Will I have to have those 15 inputs shared to the user as well just so they can access the ETL dataflow?

  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh Florida 🟢

    @user14700  yes you would have to share all inputs for them to see the dataflow. Most likely they would have to be shared using Edit and then they would also need a role that allows them to edit dataflows they have access to. 

  • Alright thanks. You would think Domo would make a more simpler way to do this by now. I've got dataflows with 30+ inputs and now I have to go to through all and share each on just so a user can edit a single dataflow? Seems kind of silly.

  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh Florida 🟢

    Yea it is really annoying. What I have tried to do is use tagging to help distinguish between our big areas and then I do a search for that tag in the datacenter and then select all those datasets and share them with different users. If a lot of your inputs contain similar phrases or if there is a way to search for them then you can mass share them.