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I am using alerts to track row addition, row updates and row deletions in a dataset. Works really well and an example of my alert is below. It accurately triggers and show that for the person Nunya, plan month January the column CVCNT was changed from 60 to 55 and CVDollar was unchanged. The alert does not say who triggered it (i.e., who updated the dataset) and I cant find a way to trace the alert or the change to a specific person. Is it possible to do that? While I know it was me as I am testing it alerts with datasets - it wont always be me! And yes… Nunya’s last name in this data base is Business. Alert Triggered April 02, 2020 9:06 PM UTC Last triggered: April 01, 2020 6:30 PM UTC ∙ View history ________________________________________ TEST Webform Any row has changes for column(s): Plan data Name: Nunya PlanMonth: 2020-01-01 CVCnt: previously 60, currently 55 CVDollar: previously 250000000, currently 250000000 1 rows changed for the dataset 'TEST WEBFORM AUDIT REVIEW'.

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    Here is the solution I think we are going to use to answer my question - after some more work and looking at what was available: I can see the changes on screen in the history of the data base. In the example below you can see there was a manual update at 3:15 PST on 4/9/2020 In the Activity log data set I can see there was an UPDATE at 22:15 UTC time (10:15 PM – UTC is 7 hours ahead of Pacific time) made by Michael Shevelson: And finally I got the alert at 3:16 PM (top right) that show the 10:15 UTC change (top middle) and the changes made (body of email): I think it has all the pieces, albeit a bit disjointed. It captures all changes (top screen shot), who changed it (middle screen shot) and what changed (last screen shot).


  • Hi Shevy,


    Alerts can only include information that is shown on the card.


    The only real way to see who made the change to the data is to include that as part of the data you have as part of your dataset, like if you include a "Submitter" field as a column as part of the data that is imported as part of the dataset. If you do choose to use a solution like that, you would also need to display that information on the card, as the alert won't notify on the underlying dataset -- it just looks at the data that is visualized.


    The reason for this behavior is that the card doesn't know who gave it the data, it just looks at the dataset that is provided to it. That dataset gets its data from whichever connector you're importing from, and all it sees is the data itself, not who submitted that data, unless you specifically choose to include that information as a part of your dataset.


    In essence, the alert is only able to notify on what the card sees that you told it, so if you don't tell it who is making a change, it won't be able to alert on that.


    You can read more about customizing your alerts on this KB page:


    Hope that helps. Thanks!