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I have a pivot table that I am creating with rows broken down into 2 dimensions and values as the count of a 3rd dimension. I would like the output only to display the top 3 Dimension B's for each Dimension A. Below is a screenshot of my current table (intentionally blurred). I would like to display only the highlighted parts of the table. Any ideas how I might go about this?



pivot examplepivot example

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  • You can try limiting the data rows and see if this achieves the result you are looking for. In the analyzer view near the bottom right of the screen you can set how many rows you'd like to show, and then you'd need to sort your results how you'd like them to appear. 

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  • @jaeW_at_Onyx wondering if I can ask for an example of the basic syntax for including the HAVING clause.


    Example for me would be filtering on orders that total more than $100,000.  In my data orders can consist of 1 or many line items.  I would SUM the 'sales' dollars for each order, and then include those HAVING SUM('sales') >100000.


    Let me know.

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