Y axis disappears for a grouped and stacked bar with line chart


I have a grouped,stacked bar chart with Line. On the X-axis, i have 5 columns grouped and stacked along with a line date wise . Issue is when i have nulls in all 5 column  for a particular date and i filter to see the card only for this date, only the date appears , y axis is not visible any more. Is there a Way to over come this, i cannot ignore the Nulls or make it 0( business rule).





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    Domo can be a little ... weird when dealing with NULLS as filters.  


    Try wrapping your DATE column in a CASE statement and replacing the NULLS with an extreme value that allows you to identify them.  



    CASE WHEN <dateColumn> is null then '2030-01-01' else <dateColumn> end


    To prevent yourself from having to maintain the beast mode you could set the value to a date based off of today's date (example set it to current_date() or end of month) or set it to 1990-0-01 ... whichever is most appropriate.

  • Hello,

    In my case the date(x axis) value is not null; but the Y-axis(say sales) is null.

    The below screen shot is of the card.



    Screen shot of Card when Data is present.


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    Sorry, if your values are NULL but you cannot set them to zero, what is the desired result?  What do you want to see?

  • I need to see both the Axis(x axis to show the date seected) but no data for Y axis(at least i need to see the scale) . Is that possible?

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    jaeW_at_Onyx Budapest / Portland, OR 🟤

    What do you want to see in your chart?

    If you leave the value at NULL then you don't show anything because by definition there is nothing to show.

    If you set the value to 0 then you have a value in your legend.


    You could create a separate table card that maps NULL activity to a column 'No Recorded Activity' but it would be difficult to embed that in your chart.


    I strongly recommend you set aside business rules for a moment and define what you want your user experience to look like and articulate the information that they are supposed to extract from your chart, then proceed from there.

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