how can I use salesforce with upsert to create a monthly historical data?

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how can I use salesforce with upsert to create a monthly historical data?


basically, we want to have a month end snapshot every month,

while during the new month, data gets updated.



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    @Hey@WorldWarHulk ,


    It sounds like you're describing two distinct things.  UPSERT is UPSERT.  Taking a monthly snapshot is a separate activity that you could implement with ETL, Data Assembler or Scripting.


    Does your SFDC data require UPSERT? If yes, you can implement UPSERT using the Java CLI if it's not natively available in the connector... just be careful during implementation because dis-entangling poor configurations can involve a lot of back and forth with support.

    EDIT:: sorry, just saw that this question is related to something you previously posted about.  If you haven't used UPSERT before AND your data volume is sufficiently low, I think I'd recommend you start your implementation with a recursive query as @GrantSmith  recommended.  


    UPSERT and the like are very powerful tools but they don't give you a lot of leeway for error, so if you don't have access to someone who's implemented it before, it can be risky to put into production.

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