"Next" Data Range Option for Cards

Right now there are "Current" and "Previous" Data Range options for cards but no "Next". As I build cards for future quarters, I use "between" Data Range, and then need to manually update it as the new quarter starts. Is this something Domo planning to add? 

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  • dbaydina
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    Thank you. Idea 1 is exactly what I was talking about. Thank you for sending this!


  • Hi @dbaydina,

    I will forward this to Domo, but I also suggest you post this in our "Ideas" section!

  • Thanks! And sorry, will do next time! 

  • There are a couple in the Ideas exchange that may be what your asking for, if so feel free to comment and or vote these up. Otherwise please suggest a new idea.


    Idea 1


    Idea 2




  • I marked this as solved, feel free to vote up the first idea since that is what you were asking about.




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