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I am creating a view where I want to observe volumes base on a time of the day bucket. So have a variable: time_of_the day that I created using a timestamp variable. When I put the variable on the x axis, it starts with 10-11 AM first and and with the earliest value, 9-10 AM. I would like to organize the values in a way that it starts with 7-8AM though. How can I solve this problem?


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  • GrantSmith
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    No, you'd have two separate beast modes. One for your values and another for your sorting.



    case when timestamp_var::time between '07:00:00' and '08:00:00' then '7-8 AM'



    case when timestamp_var::time between '07:00:00' and '08:00:00' then 1



    Although now seeing your beastmode - are you just breaking it down into hour buckets?


    You could possibly just do something like to do the sorting or even buckets if you don't care about AM/PM and can use 24-hour format:



    Are you doing this within a beast mode or in the sql query which pulls in the data?


  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🟤

    Hi @user084060 


    If you want to do some custom sorting you can utilize the same methodology you're using to create your buckets by assigining values via a case statement (such that your first bucket would be 1, second is 2 etc) and then use that beast mode as a sort on your card.

  • Hi @GrantSmith ,


    So instead of just creating

    case when timestamp_var::time between '07:00:00' and '08:00:00' then '7-8 AM'

    put a 1 infront of it?

    when fact.start::time between '07:00:00' and '08:00:00' then '1_7-8 AM'

     If that works, it's definitely an option, I just hoped there is another (easier) way ?

  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🟤

    Also based on your current logic if the timestamp fell exactly on 8:00:00 AM your code would cause it to always fall within the 7-8AM bucket and not the 8-9am bucket. You might want to change your BETWEEN to use '07:59:59' instead of '08:00:00' since BETWEEN is inclusive.

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