WMS option for lat/long map background

I have a number of data points that are being displayed on a Lat/Long map but there isn't a lot of context to understand where they occur due to their disparate spatial occurrences and that zooming in to them removes all context of where they are. Is it possible to overlap the Lat/Long points over a WMS or other map tile layer that I can provide?

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    In stock Domo, AFAIK it's not possible to add layers in addition to the base Lat / Long chart type. 


    You can create your own custom visualizations as SVGs, but then instead of mapping a lat / long, you have to code lat/long to correspond to a named polygon in the SVG




    I know that's not what you asked.  I suppose your next best bet would be to try to build a custom app that's an internal method / API for geocoding or plotting locations over bespoke layers (like a floorplan).

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