Creating a Distinct Column Name and Showing Last Completed Order

Scenario: There are thousands of customers that are placing orders on a daily basis, which include repeat customers.


I am trying to build a card that will:

1) Show the customer's name once on my card

2) Show the last time they placed an order.


Is there a way to make the 'CustomerName' column a unique value without creating beast mode? If not, then I could not find any distinct function other than 'Count Distinct' and 'Sum Distinct' which does not give me the customer's name.


Thank you for the help!

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx
    jaeW_at_Onyx Budapest / Portland, OR 🟤
    Accepted Answer

    Capture.PNGworks as anticipated.  with just Min and Max(date)


    if this isn't the result you're getting, make sure you don't have anything in the ORDER / SORT clause that would be changing the cardinality expressed.


  • jaeW_at_Onyx
    jaeW_at_Onyx Budapest / Portland, OR 🟤

    I think you could just put Name on the axis and create a MAX(Date) in a Beast mode.


  • Hi Jae,


    Is there a way I can remove duplicates from my name column? When I added a beast mode column with max(date), it essentially is the same as an existing CompletedDate column. I think it's because there are duplicate customer names with multiple orders.

  • jaeW_at_Onyx
    jaeW_at_Onyx Budapest / Portland, OR 🟤

    Upload a Sample dataset that spans these duplicates you're returning to.  It's 1AM over here ? but I'll see if I can't get you something for tomorrow.


    you can email me directly at [email protected] or DM me in the Global Slack Channel

  • Thanks Jae!

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