Domo Governance Datasets

Hello everyone, 


Just found out this amazing Domo Governance Dataset connector. I was looking through it and wanted to see if this connector can answer the below question. 


Is it possible to see all the datasets which has a particular segment(adobe) or metric. Please let me know if any one have tried this. 




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    The Domo_Gov datasets don't analyze data values rather provide metadata about the domo object.


    DG_Datsets for example has one row per dataset and attributes of the dataset

    DG_DatasetSchema will have one row per dataset per column and the attributes of the column.  (it will NOT tell you what's contained in the column).


    You can "search for all google analytics datasets that have a column called "metric" or have a column called "segment" or "date".


    Unless you build a data profiling dataset, this link is for t-sql but you could adapt for Magic or MySql.