How do I create this simple pivot table?

Looks very basic, how do I do this in Domo, TY.


  • That's a really good solution, however it seems that Domo's out of the box pivot table is very poor.


    Can you do hierarchies on these columns? Collapse/expand? 


    Good work, very creative!

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    I don't think it's fair to describe the solution as poor.  It just doesn't align with your expectations (i assume Excel.)


    Keep in mind that Domo visualizations and their entire approach to dashboarding initially was not designed to target Excel Jockeys, data scientists or analysts.


    The target consumer of a Domo dashboard is someone who interacts with data on their phone. someone on the go.  someone who does not have the screen real estate (or desire) to scroll through content. 


    You are accustomed to an Excel interactive environment but we also know that Excel tables are one of the worst ways to rapidly consume and summarize data.  Yes.  It is ubiquitous.  But no it is not 'good'.  


    so ... maybe adjust your approach to communicating information to align with 'dashboarding' techniques.


    No, Domo does not support Hierarchies in analyzer like you'd expect from PowerBI.  Again, the target consumer is not someone who's drilling into data looking for insights.  The assumption is, that the dimension attributes of interest are known and defined, so you'll use cards with drill paths to guide users on a curated experience.  

  • Rather than thinking of this as a pivot, you could also use the standard Table card and transpose it (under Chart Properties > General > Transpose). If you list the columns in this order, you should end up with a similar result:

    1. Date 
    2. AVG of Revenue
    3. AVG of Spend
    4. AVG of Profit
    5. AVG of ROI
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