Concatenate values to http: to make a link

I have a dimension called URL which multiple values which look something like:      //
I want to take this value and concatenate Https: to it so it will show:    Https://   and create a hyperlink to the web page.

I've tried this:    CONCAT('<a href=""','"target="_blank">',`URL`,'</a>')

but this just creates something that looks like a link but filters or drills when I click on it.

Any ideas of how to create this link?

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🔴
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    Hi @AttuAk 


    What type of card are you utilizing? HTTP links are only usable within a table or HTML table card otherwise it'll treat it as filterable text.


    Your beast mode will also only ever take them to the same wikipedia page. You'd want to incorporate your URL dimension as part of the link. (this is assuming you're missing the beginning https: in your URL)

    CONCAT('<a href="https:', `URL`, '" target="_blank">',`URL`,'</a>')



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