Show labels on pie chart even if it's too small

I am using a pie chart.

I have 2 slices. One is 90% and the other one 10%.

But the 10% one is too small to show the label. Is there a way to force this? As I don't mind it overlapping the 90% chart as there is enough room to show the label there.



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    i know this isn't the answer to your question.  but consider using a different visualization.


    if the slice of the pie is so small that the UI doesn't render a label, it will probably be very difficult of a user to clock the difference between group 1 and group 2. at most, they'll think "oh... that's a huge difference." without actually knowing the exact value.


    a stacked bar, or a gague that just shows the percent of total  for one of the two values will communicate the same information more efficiently while taking up less ink.

  • Thanks for your reply and oops I missed an important part in my opening post.

    It does actually show the percentage. It doesn't show the value name. Product 1 is too long but Prod 1 fits.

    But as I can understand from your post there isn't an (easy) way to force this anyway?


    I do have the legend on the left side so it does show the actual numbers and name though.

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