Create bar chart summing multiple columns/categories

I am new to Domo. So please bear with me.


If I have a dataset such as this. 

 Annotation 2020-09-01 010733.png

I would like to end up with a bar chart such as the one I have (badly) drawn below. Where the "TRUE" values are counted along the y-axis. My problem is that I am unable to figure out a way to get three columns to show on the x-axis. (I know that this can be done rather indirectly by collapsing the columns, but I feel that there has to be a much simpler solution).Annotation 2020-09-01 010909.png


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    ... "the best way" ... please appreciate that i'm operating off of a napking drawing :P.  


    if it were me, yes, this is how i would structure the data.  i might try to find shortcuts like excluding outputting rows where subscribed = false.  but with the information available, yes, I believe normalizing the data is the better method for storing it.  


    now you might try to collapse the data before it arrives at Domo depending on etl constraints like how frequently the data updates, and acceptable latency, but that's a pipeline optimization question not a data modeling question.


  • jaeW_at_Onyx
    jaeW_at_Onyx Budapest / Portland, OR 🟤

    While you may be able to hack your way to a solution, the best answer would be to reshape your data.


    Use MagicETL and the Unpivot / Collapse Columns transform to collapse your data into 3 columns (ID, Subscription Name, and isSubscribed).  Capture.PNG

  • Thanks for you answer.


    But the dataset has almost a million entries and around 65 of such columns. Collapsing the columns thus would result in 65 million rows. Would this still be the best way to do it?

  • If the napkin drawing works then it works ?


    Thanks for the input.

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