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I investigated into Domostats, Domo Governance datasets to find if Workbench Job schedule is available.

But I see none of them have the workbench schedule(manual, weekly, etc.,).


Please suggest where can I find Workbench Job schedule?



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  • GrantSmith
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    Hi @Khan_Naziya 


    You won't have visibility into the workbench job schedules via a governance dataset. Workbench jobs (including their schedules) can be exported from workbench using the wb.exe executable.



    wb.exe export-jobs --help


    That will give you usage details where you can export your jobs to a folder in JSON notation to then parse the schedule out of. You'll likely need to use the full path to your executable wherever you installed it at. 


  • Is there any documentation on how to translate the schedule values from the json file into human readable details? When I parse out schedule from the json file, I get values like: 0 26 15 ? * 1, which is meaningless. I'd like to know how to turn this into a meaningful value.

  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🔴

    It's standard cron type scheduling. There's a lot of resources online but one I like to use is which helps decode cron strings.

  is another good resource to understanding the special syntax.


    The one exception to this is I believe Domo includes the seconds as the first number so there's one extra entry.

  • @GrantSmith thank you!!