PDP: Using Not Equal To a Value

I have a column that needs to be used in PDP.  There are 26 values in the column (that may get renamed or added to a few times a year).  I have a group that needs all the Values except  for 1.  I am wary of adding the permission and selecting the other 25 currently available given there may be a change in the column values that are not captured.  Is there a way to use "Not Equal To" in PDP?  Any other suggestions?

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  • GrantSmith
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    Hi @user045611 ,

    An exclusion option isn't an option with PDP. Likely this is because of security reasons because it's better to not give access to all the data and have someone request more access rather than assuming they should have access when a new value gets added and they see data elements they shouldn't have access to because that new value wasn't in the exclusion list. This is why PDP likely does it by inclusion only.