Why is the Group By tile in an ETL giving me an error message?

I am trying to collapse my data set into a single row for each date, publication and product and get the error message "Action outputs to an invalid number (0) of actions"


My data is structured as per below:- 


Date        Product     Publication           Channel     Revenue

1/1           Display      Publication A       OMP          £1000


Where Date, product, publication and channel are equal I would like it to Sum revenue on a single line.

Can anyone help me. I'm fairly new to Domo so apologies if the solution is a simple one.

Thanks in advance





  • MarkSnodgrass
    MarkSnodgrass Portland, Oregon 🔵

    In section 1 of your Group By tile, you would want to add your 4 columns (Date, Product, Publication, Channel). 

    In section 2, select your Revenue column and choose Sum and give it a name such as Total Revenue.

    This should give you the total revenue when those 4 columns are the same.

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