How do I find records created within the last one hour

I have a data set with a Created Date field and I want to get data created in the last hour. What filter should I use? I think using a filter of `CREATED_ON`>SUBTIME(CURDATETIME(),lastonehour) will work but not sure the value to specify for it 3600, 3600000, etc? 


TIA for your help.






  • After some experimentation I found that 1 hour =3600 

  • GrantSmith
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    Hi @Yogesh 


    You can utilize SQL INTERVALs to do this.



    Here's a website that talks about them in more detail and lists all of the possible options for the units:

  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    if time is important, structure your data during ingestion to have a separate date and separate time column.


    is this a streaming data / low latency use case?  does the data update hourly?


    if yes, ETL may not be an option (hence, ingest the data with a separate time column).  For this use case I think I'd try to covert the datetime column into a unix_timestamp()