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I am new to Domo but want to learn how to use Domo with SQL. I am advanced in R and I understand the logical needs. I was hoping someone had some SQL syntax tips or resources for learning the SQL language to implement in Domo. 



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    @user065584 , i have an answer you didn't ask for ... don't learn MySQL to become more effective in Domo.

    Spend time in MagicETL.  I get it, hard pill to swallow for a person who does scripting.


    MagicETL will be faster than anything you write in MySQL.  And the performance of Magic will continue to improve whereas MySQL will not (Magic 2.0 virtually obliterates the need for SQL processing except in the context of complex joins.)


    If you want to get better at data pipelines, I strongly recommend Ralph Kimball's Data Warehouse Toolkit.  It's all concepts and no code, but critical in building a framework on how to structure your data in Domo.


    I would be warry of learning syntax because you can literally google MySQL documentation in seconds ... it's not really a high value piece of learning to absorb.  Instead, knowing and recognizing dimensional modeling design patterns (Kimball) will give you much more mileage for effort, IMHO.


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