Tenure calculation using differences between 2 dates (magic etl)



I am creating a new variable using the add formula icon where I am creating time period bins that reflects the tenure of the consultant in reference to today. This is the formula I created:

when CURRENT_DATE() -`CD (Start)` < 90 then '3 Months'
when CURRENT_DATE() -`CD (Start)` >= 90 and CURRENT_DATE() -`CD (Start)` < 180 then '3-6 Months'
when CURRENT_DATE() -`CD (Start)` >= 180 and CURRENT_DATE() -`CD (Start)` < 270 then '6-9 Months'
when CURRENT_DATE() -`CD (Start)` >= 270 and CURRENT_DATE() -`CD (Start)` < 360 then '9-12 Months'
when CURRENT_DATE() -`CD (Start)` >= 360 and CURRENT_DATE() -`CD (Start)` < 720 then '1-2 Years'
when CURRENT_DATE() -`CD (Start)` >= 720 then '2+ years'
else 'Missing' end


But I get the following error message: Column of type date cannot be converted to type floating decimal. Surprising the formula above works in a beast mode. How come it is not working in Magic ETL?


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  • MarkSnodgrass
    MarkSnodgrass Portland, Oregon 🔵
    Accepted Answer

    You should use the DATEDIFF function to get this. You can also simplify your statement due to the way CASE statements process. Here is what I would suggest:

    when DATEDIFF(CURRENT_DATE(),`CD (Start)`) < 90 then '3 Months'
    when DATEDIFF(CURRENT_DATE(),`CD (Start)`) < 180 then '3-6 Months'
    when DATEDIFF(CURRENT_DATE(),`CD (Start)`) < 270 then '6-9 Months'
    when DATEDIFF(CURRENT_DATE(),`CD (Start)`) < 360 then '9-12 Months'
    when DATEDIFF(CURRENT_DATE(),`CD (Start)`) < 720 then '1-2 Years'
    when DATEDIFF(CURRENT_DATE(),`CD (Start)`) >= 720 then '2+ years'
    else 'Missing' end
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