Completion Assigned Vs non-assigned content

Hi, I'm new to this community and to Domo. I'm looking for a graph that can show me # card completion for Assigned content Vs non-assigned content. Any idea?


  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana πŸ”΄

    HiΒ @user032625Β ,


    Because of the flexibility of Domo it is difficult to direct you on how to solve your general question. It would be helpful if you had some sample (and anonymized) data to review and help direct you with the best solution.


    If your data is formatted as a single row containing the date when the content was completed and the type of assignment like:

    Completion DateTypeContent ID


    You could attempt to utilize a Grouped Bar or Nested Bar and set the X-Axis to Completion Date, Y-Axis = COUNT of Content ID and the Series or Grouping to be Type


    Again this is all theoretical since we don't have any example data to better assist with your request.