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I built a Radio Button selector card as a filter for 2 other cards. The 2 other cards are based off of 2 different datasets. The filter allows to filter for degree vs. no degree and the other 2 cards : one has information about average life expectation and the other average earnings.

I created the degree field in all 3 cards in a beast mode, but when I try to select in the filter either degree or no degree I get the following error: Filtering Degree is not supported. Consider sharing the card beast mode to the dataset.

Whe I try to share it, it tells me the following error: Rename Beat Modes to avoid conflict: Column already exist


So first of all it is not possible to share the beast mode and in the case it would be possible, I would have to rename the beast mode - but that would mean that the filter button would not affect the card where the beast mode got renamed. Correct? Any idea why I get the error messages and what I can do??


  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    weird things can happen when you copy cards that contain beastmodes.


    keep in mind a beast mode saved to a card is only accessible in the card.


    if you have card 1 and it contains a beast mode called "test" saved to the CARD.

    then you create card 2 which contains a beast mode called "test" saved to the DATASET.


    THEN you tace card 1 and try to save your beast mode "test" to the dataset and you get your conflict.  If you DELETE "test" from card 1, you won't necessarily instantly see "test" from card 2.


    so before you delete anything, renamce card 1 "test" to "delete - test".  then save and refresh the card and confirm that you see a beast mode "test" (saved to the dataset).  NOW you can delete "delete-test" and replace it with "test" ... and proceed from there.

  • Last I checked, the filter interaction is not supported for Beast Modes even if it's saved to the dataset. I would suggest hard-coding the degree field into both of your datasets via an ETL.


    As for the "Rename Beast Modes" error, I've been noticing that show up erroneously on cards recently so I would not worry too much about that. I've still been able to save my cards with the beast modes in them, although I'm not sure why the error keeps popping up.

  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    you can't filter on AGGREGATE FUNCTIONS (like SUM() or COUNT()) in beast modes without a feature switch.


    you can filter on non aggregate functions like CASE or IFNULL.

  • daniellecroft
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    @jaeW_at_Onyx How do you turn on the feature switch?

  • jaeW_at_Onyx
    jaeW_at_Onyx Budapest / Portland, OR 🟤

    @daniellecroft contact your CSM or [email protected] the feature you're asking for is "filter on aggregates in analyzer"