Domo Percent of a Ratio?

Hello All,

I have a simple horizontal bar displaying a ratio by reporting categories.

For example,

Category A - 27.9%

Category B - 26.8%

Category C - 25%



I would like to add a series that colors those bars by a sub category, but without losing the above.

Right now I seem to get the % totals of the sub categories stacked on top of one another, which is throwing things off.


Any ideas?





  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🟣

    Hi @user007486 


    Have you tried adding in your series but then setting your data label setting to be the Percent of Category (%_PERCENT_OF_CATEGORY ) instead of the series?

  • @GrantSmith 

    I have tried that however to no avail.


    The bars themselves seem to keep the same proportions, however when I add the series, the x-axis shifts and is messed up.  I guess the solution would be to force the x-axis to maintain scale off of the original ratio.  If that makes sense?

  • To provider some more detail on the formula driving the original ratio i'm doing the following:


    SUM(Numerator) / SUM(Denominator)


    Could there be a way to perhaps PARTITION BY in the Beast Mode?

  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🟣

    You could use a window function within a beast mode (talk with your CSM to get it turned on if you don't have it yet, it's a simple feature switch).


    SUM(SUM(`Numerator`)) OVER (PARTITION BY ...)


    SUM(SUM(`Denominator`)) OVER (PARTITION BY ...)

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