Using a Power BI dataset



Is there any way to import a dataset created in Power BI (via Power Query) into Domo as a dataset? For example, my organization uses a Data Warehouse (other than domo). The Finance group, which uses Power BI performs transformations on the data from the Data Warehouse. I would like to use the 'processed' datasets in Domo rather than attempt to duplicate the transformations already done in Power Query.


  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🔴

    Hi @user023026 

    Domo doesn't have a Power BI connector currently. You've got a few options:

    1) Write your own custom connector (not sure if you'd have access to Power BI's API / )

    2) Utilize the R or Python SDK to export the data from Power PI and upload to Domo

    3) Have Power BI export your dataset and then upload it to Domo either via an existing connector for CSV files (Workbench, Dataset Via Email, CSV Upload) which would likely require manual intervention.