BeastMode Lead Function Doesn't Exist - Rolling Average

Hey guys, so I'm trying to apply this concept to my dataset, but when I tried to apply it I received the error, " Invalid Formula : This calculation is using a nonexistent function."


Apparently, the lead function doesn't exist in the BeastMode library but it did when this video was created. 


(6) Domo - Analyzer - 3 month average lag - understanding Window Functions - YouTube


Did I do something wrong or is this a bug? 

My data is not hardcoded.. I think. 

lead(sum(`video_plays`)) over(order by YEAR(`date`) * 100 + WEEKOFYEAR(`date`))

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  • leeloo_dallas
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    Accepted Answer

    Discovered the issue from the mighty Onyx themselves.


    If you would like to use apply Windowed Functions, you will need to contact your CSM to enable Window Functions for BeastMode as it is a feature switch.