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I have multiple datasets and cards.

In one dataset I have a beastmode where I calculate the Customer Lifetime Value.

In another dataset I use the CLV but not as a reference as I don't have the data in this new dataset.
I write the CLV hardcoded. Problem is that if the CLV changes I have to update the CLV manually in other beastmodes.


Is there any way to make a reference to another beastmode in some sort without having to add the CLV to every dataset and calculate it. Because that's probably too much work (and the datafile would be too large).


Hopefully my question is clear and I hope to see an answer.

Thanks in advance

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    It sounds like CLV is derived from transactional data.  I assume something like SUM(SalesAmount)

    to reuse CLV you could create a Dataset View (beta feature, ask your CSM) with two columns, Customer No and CLV and then JOIN it to your other dataset.


    I think that's an inferior solution, but probably what you're currently trying to accomplish.


    Instead create a dataset where you UNION your Customer Sales, and whatever the second Transactional dataset is.


    This way you can keep your CLV as a beast mode, as well as visualize your other data without pre-aggregating it.


  • @jaeW_at_Onyx thanks for your reply. I thought this was the answer but as I tried it after getting the beta feature I don't seem to get it working. That might be due to an misunderstanding due to my opening post.

    I have one data file with a lot of data. I use quite a lot of columns to calculate the CLV within a beastmode. I cannot simply add two columns to the other dataset.

    When I simply add the beast mode to the new dataset as calculation it works. But it only show the total CLV and all my other rows are gone so that isn't the answer as I still have to use the other datarows.

    But the answers you gave makes me think that there is no other option than adding all those columns to my other dataset instead of re-using the variables I generated within the beastmode in the other dataset.

    There is no way I can simply reference to the other dataset and only use the newly generated column from the beastmode instead of all columns to re-calculate it?

  • jaeW_at_Onyx
    jaeW_at_Onyx Budapest / Portland, OR 🟤

    @user04646 , maybe it'd help if you upload a sample of the data or a few screenshots.