Week of the year seems odd

Hi all,


I am showing my graph interval by week. But the weeknumbers seem odd.


week 53 - 2020 = 30 december 2020
week 2 - 2021 = 3 january 2021


Is week 1 only 2(to 4) days? Can someone explain this? This seems like a mistake in Domo rather than in my data, right?


  • jaeW_at_Onyx
    jaeW_at_Onyx Budapest / Portland, OR 🟣

    it's not a mistake in Domo.


    The first week of containing dates in January starts on a Friday.  If your week starts on Sunday, then your first week would only have two days (Jan 1 and Jan 2).


    What you want to happen is you want Domo to 'just know' that Jan 1 and Jan 2 belong to the last week of December... which is business logic, not how a calendar actually works.


    Short version of the story is you should implement a date dimension where you can control how business logic is applied to your dates (in this context, how weeks are counted when a month or year starts in the middle of the week).


    Alternatively @GrantSmith recommends calculating the WeekNumber of the Start of the Week.

    WeekNum( Date - DayOfWeek )

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