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I want to round currency to millions ("$1,500,000" becomes "$1.5M") for a column in a table that I am replicating from Tableau. The results in Tableau look to have just shifted the decimal point instead of rounding. Below I show regular rounding in blue and the Tableau results in green. Can someone advise how I can do both the blue version and the green version in Domo?













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  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    Angela, we can't tell you how Domo works, but you can maybe be more specific about what you want the ROUND functionality to do.


    mathematically 2.273 SHOULD round up to 2.3.  if you always want to round down take a look at the FLOOR() versus the CEILING() implementations for ROUND.



  • Thank you @jaeW_at_Onyx ?

    I have confirmed with management and they want to do traditional rounding (the blue version). 

    I have seen beast modes that add commas to large numbers, but not for reducing a large number to the shorter notation with the "M" or "B" at the end. I tried the ROUND function with a negative number but that did shorten the digits.

    How can I get "$1,499,999" to shorten to "$1.5M" in the column?


    Thanks, Angela

  • @GrantSmith it worked!

    Thanks so much!