How do I build a card?


I'm new to Domo. Wondering what best practices are for building cards?

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  • ST_-Superman-_
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    I prefer to draw out my metrics before getting started in Domo. How would I like to represent the data, what questions will different visuals answer. Once I get a good idea of how I want to present the data, I then start thinking about how to build that out in Domo. Is it a single card? Or would it work better as a story?

    It would be easier to answer this question if you provided some more context. What data are you working with? What metrics or questions are you wanting to answer with it?

    I would also recommend heading over to for some great training resources.


  • I agree with @ST_-Superman-_ on all of these great points.

    I would add that whiteboarding sessions are invaluable tools to creating cards that your team feels more invested in.

    As far as best practices, in our organization we have a templated card description that allows anyone looking at any card to understand what they are looking at. I have provided it below feel free to tailor it to your needs!

    • Title: Short, Unique, Descriptive Title
    • Business Description: Plain, simple description of what the card is.
    • Action: What should this card help drive action on?
    • Calendar & Timeframe: Fiscal or standard calendar and by which date field?
    • Drill Path: What happens when you click it?
    • Data refresh rate: How often is the data updated?
    • Calculated Fields: Are any Beast Modes in use on this card that could be explained here?
    • Filters: Are any Filters on this card that could help a user understand what isn't shown?
    • Business Approval: Approver & date
    • Publication Reviewer: Reviewer & date
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