How can I create a new column with extracted numbers in SQL or ETL

I have a column called 'description' which can contain multiple elements. One of them is 'Order #1234567890' (or other digits). I want to create a new column that just extracts the numbers in SQL or Magic ETL (so that I can do Beast Modes etc. on it afterwards). How can I create this column? Numbers may exist in other elements, so I just want the numbers that are 9 digits or more. Thanks in advance!

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    I realize now that I can just edit the text in 'Text Formatting' to include just numbers. Thank you for your help!


  • I would recommend using Magic ETL for this as that would allow you to use regex expressions to find cases where there are 9 or more digits.

    I'm not an expert with regex, but something like this may work:


  • user027926
    user027926 ⚪️
    edited February 15

    Thanks Superman! I've learned a lot, but still learning. Which function in magic ETL would allow me to enter a regex formula? (I don't have advanced options).


  • GrantSmith
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    edited February 15

    Hi @user027926

    For future reference you can use the the Replace Text tile with a regular expression and replacement variables. You just need to tell the Search Term field that you're using a regular expression.

    Also replacement variables are in the format of $1, $2, etc instead of the traditional \1 or \2 like some other languages prefer.

  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    FYI, if you're on Magic 2.0 and you find the Formula tile more intuitive, you can build more sophisticated transforms using:

    cc @GrantSmith

  • Thank you all! Really helpful!

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