Domo Workbench broken Quickbooks 2019 2020 Python ODBC alternative

pydomoguy Provo Utah USA ⚪️

I have created a Gihub repository with a Python workaround to dump QB reports to a CSV via QODBC. I am sharing this freely and would like to collaborate with others to have this option in case Domo Workbench is not working as is currently the case for Quickbooks 2019+:

NOTE: I just started this project last night due to an immediate need to pull reports from Quickbooks Enterprise 20.0. It is very basic and gritty. My goal is to export 6 canned reports to CSV then import them with Domo Workbench.


  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷

    Very interesting @pydomoguy . Have you thought about utilizing the pydomo package to just straight import them into Domo instead of having to then go through Workbench?

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