Imitating Calculated Line Value (Avg)

Domo allows automatic calculation of some values on bar charts (Min, Max, and Avg). These values can be shown as "Calculated Lines" on a chart for comparison purposes. The great thing about these values are that they adjust based on chart filters. I would like imitate the Avg value and display it in a Single Value chart. I've attempted a Beast Mode calculated field (it doesn't currently return a value) and can't seem to get much closer than that. I've attached the current bar chart as reference to the Avg "Calculated Line" value that I am referring to as well as the current Beast Mode calculated field I am using. Any thoughts on how to snag this value? I haven't been able to use just a simple Average of a Measurement column because I want to display a dynamic average such as a monthly or weekly average and the rows aren't aggregated as such.


  • Seems to be solved. The Count Distinct Beast Mode calculation performs a different actions than Count ( DIctinct ())

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