Help graphing a calculated field that sums up two data columns

I have a dataset that has daily data spanning back to the beginning of 2019.

Let's call column A "Sales Date"

Let's call column B "Daily Sales"

Let's call column C "Employee Name"

I then am creating a beast mode calculation for "Month" and "Year".

I want to be able to plot in a bar graph the calculation, by month/year, the "Monthly Sales Average per Employee" -- i.e. the sum of "Daily Sales" for a given month divided by the Unique Count of "Employee Name" in that given month.

I can do this in pivot table mode to show me the calculation in a table, but how do I graph this calculated column in a bar graph?


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  • MarkSnodgrass
    MarkSnodgrass Portland, Oregon 🟤
    Accepted Answer

    If your beast mode is calculating correctly in the pivot table, you can use that same beast mode as the y axis in the bar graph and the sales date in the x-axis and then use the date range filter in the top right to tell it to graph by month.