set custom start days of the week at a card-level

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Hi All,

I want to set custom start days of the week at a card-level, I referred the article( and created below beast mode.


when DAYOFWEEK(`Start Time (UTC)`) = 1 then 6 -- Sunday

when DAYOFWEEK(`Start Time (UTC)`) = 2 then 7 -- Monday

when DAYOFWEEK(`Start Time (UTC)`) = 3 then 1 -- Tuesday

when DAYOFWEEK(`Start Time (UTC)`) = 4 then 2 -- Wednesday

when DAYOFWEEK(`Start Time (UTC)`) = 5 then 3 -- Thursday

when DAYOFWEEK(`Start Time (UTC)`) = 6 then 4 -- Friday

when DAYOFWEEK(`Start Time (UTC)`) = 7 then 5 -- Saturday


I added this beast mode to sort and when I select date range as this week, beast mode works fine. (see image – Dojo-1)

But if I select previous two weeks the dates on card will be shown inappropriately and I completely understand that is because of sort on beast mode.

I need to display as per this image. (see image – Dojo-2)

Please suggest.


Best Answer

  • ST_-Superman-_
    Accepted Answer

    Try creating a beastmode that will mark the start of each week. You can then sort by this first, and then sort by your second beastmode.

    start_of_week :

    SUBDATE(`Date`, DAYOFWEEK(`Date`)+2)

    Then, you could sort by start_of_week and then by your calculated field. That should get you what you are looking for

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