Beast Mode Calc for URL Won't Activate Intranet Links

I have Domo connected to a data source where users provide URLs. Those URLs come into Domo as text, so I created a beast mode calc to activate is a link in Domo.

The beast mode calc is as follows:

The calculation works just fine for links to internet sites. Here's an example of it working when source value is populated with something like google:

But, when I populate the same field with an internal intranet site link, the beast mode seems to bomb out:

Do I need to do something specific to links that are internal to my company versus external on the internet?

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  • GrantSmith
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    Hi @user028768

    Try wrapping your values in double quotes:

    CONCAT('<a href="', `Link to Additional Info`, '" target="_blank">Click to see additional info</a>')

    Also, what type of card are you using? Hyperlinks will only work in table cards.