Dynamic Chart Height

I would like to have the option (when creating a story in Domo) to define a minimum and maximum height for a table card.

Let's say that I have a table that shows Today's large sales. Our executive team likes to have visibility to any purchase over $100,000s. When I create this card, I currently have to estimate what I think the average number of rows will be for a day and try to adjust the height of the card to match that. Lets say, 30 rows. If I set the card size to accommodate 30 rows, then it appears to take up a lot more space than needed at the beginning of the day. Conversely, when we have a lot of large deals, there would be rows missing from the view.

I would like to set a minimum height (something to fit in maybe 5 rows of data) and a maximum height (maybe I set this to fit up to 70 rows of data). My expectation would then be that the card would dynamically adjust the size of the table card based on the amount of data that needs to be displayed and the end user would only need to scroll if there were more than the 70 rows of data.

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