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I've brought the DomoStats datasets into our instance and have seen that they are quite sizeable (the activity log dataset is currently taking up 40% of our row space). Is there a way to limit the number of rows this connector brings in? I'd like to keep the activity log info, but I really only need the past few months, not the entirety of it.


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  • GrantSmith
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    Hi @mhouston

    There isn't a way to tell the Domo connector to only bring is X% of the dataset. It's all or nothing currently. Depending on how technical you or your team is you may be able to utilize some of the internal Domo APIs to pull a subsection of this data and then upload it to your instance, however it's not really a supported method since it's not a Public facing API.


  • mhouston
    mhouston 🟠

    @GrantSmith thanks for the insight!

  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    @mhansell , @GrantSmith there is a feature to keep roling windows.

    Looks like it's a premium feature. but talk to your CSM for details.

    Additionally there's a command in the JavaCLI.

    When I'm consulting with clients, we work over the AE / CSM appealing to their desire for you to sign the renewal / improve adoption. We use this approach:

    Domo Stats and Domo Governance datasets are necessary for you to manage your instance of Domo. If you want to ensure usability and adoption etc, you need that dataset. It should not count against your rowcount.