Deep Linking with Filters -- Special Characters?

Ritwik Atlanta 🟡

I have a beast mode that I am using to pass along page filters as a hyperlink. It looks like deep linking does not properly work with special characters like a "+" sign.

Beast Mode:

case when `Designation` != 'Subject' then 

CONCAT('<a href=''['

,'{"column":"Name and Comp For","dataType":"string","operand":"IN","values":["'

,CONCAT(`Name`, ' ', `Comp For`)


,']'' target="_blank" title="Open in Domo">',`Name`,'</a>'    


    else `Name` end


Field value is: 'L+O The Weddington'

The Filter that shows up on the linked page is: 'L O The Weddington'

The cards on the linked page are then invalid/"no data in filtered range".


Is there a workaround or some trick possible within the beast mode that could help recognize these special characters? Perhaps add some conditions where the field contains a '+', and rename it accordingly? Is there anything a bit simpler/more elegant?

Appreciate any insights and help, thank you!


  • jaeW_at_Onyx
    jaeW_at_Onyx Budapest / Portland, OR 🟤

    you are constructing a URL.

    I'm not sure this is the solution, but you know how spaces in URLs get converted into %20. I imagine + is a reserved character, so you have to find the equivalent for the symobl. Or google 'escape character url' i don't know if that's a thing.

  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🔴

    You'll need to URL encode your special characters. There's several websites which can do this for you if you're not certain how to do this on your own. Try this: