how can I update 0 record in Google Analytics Real Time Connector

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I used Google Analytics Real Time Connector to get the "active user" data. I want to display "0" when there are no active users. But I found that the dataset will not be updated when there are no active users. What can I do to let the dataset update or clear data when there are 0 records.


  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    you'd need a dataset that tells you the last time the dataset ran and the number of rows that were updated on the last execution (have a look in DomoStats and DataGovernance). keep in mind, the stats datasets are only up to date as at the last time you executed the dataset, so you'd need to update the governance datasets with the same regularity that you're processing the data in Domo. then you can use logic (if the number of updated rows = 0 then blank the dataset.

  • KelvinoY
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    Good idea, but how can I connect my dataset to that DomoStats Connector? I installed that app automatically, and it has been filled with data.

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    You'd utilize a Dataset View (Beta) or a DataFlow to join the two datasets together. There's a DataSet ID you can utilize in the governance datasets to filter for your specific one. It's a 32 digit hexidecimal (letters and numbers) value. You can get it from the URL when viewing the dataset in Domo.