Using Select Columns to reorder columns in Magic ETL

In Magic ETL, a Select Columns tile was inserted just prior to the Output Dataset tile in order to reorder columns. The columns in the resulting Output Dataset were not in the order specified in the Select Columns tile.

Is there something else that needs to be considered so that the column order is retained in the Output Dataset?



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  • MarkSnodgrass
    MarkSnodgrass Portland, Oregon 🟤
    Accepted Answer

    That is the correct way to do it. Sometimes, there is a delay in the output dataset seeing the new column order. Try refreshing your browser when looking at the data. You might also try adding an additional column temporarily in your select columns tile and verify that the output dataset display is seeing it.


  • Thank you. In this instance, the new column order didn't appear to get reflected in the output dataset, even after refreshing. We set the column order via the dataset schema, however.

    Appreciate your answer, and will use your suggestions in the future.

  • jaeW_at_Onyx
    jaeW_at_Onyx Budapest / Portland, OR 🟤

    not entirely sure why you need to change the sort order on columns ... but you could also consider using DataSet Views to reorder columns. it will be more performant than just running ETL to change column order.

  • Thanks. The column reordering step was just one step of a larger ETL. Appreciate the feedback regarding DataSet Views.