Defining Custom Color Palettes

It would be nice to be able to define custom color palettes to choose from. I don't mean the ability to set color rules on datasets or cards, or the white label features in embedded analytics. I mean adding your own palettes to the color picker for internal dashboards.

Right now, having to use hex codes for everything is a bit of a nuisance and it would be nice if I had additional color schemes of my choosing readily available. I see this has already been requested in multiple threads, can these all be merged so the votes for this feature can be correctly represented?

Custom Palette

Saved Custom Color Palettes (Card or Dashboard level)

Custom Color Range



  • MarkSnodgrass
    MarkSnodgrass Portland, Oregon 🔴

    @Anna Yardley may be able to group the threads together and get the various ideas consolidated. I agree it would be a nice feature enhancement

  • bigdatadojo2000
    bigdatadojo2000 St. George, Utah 🟠

    Totally agree - as well as the ability to select two colors and have it automatically assign gradients on the spectrum between those two colors. Examples here.

  • Yeah I'm surprised that the custom colour feature isn't available yet. Since the status of ideas feature isn't enabled in the new Dojo, what else can be done to escalate this?