what does the delta symbol mean on my data flow ?

Kalyan βšͺ️

I checked all the flows and tables involved in building this flow, but I cant find any mistake or warning. What does that orange delta symbol mean ? it doesnt give any info when i hover over it or when i click it.

thanks for the help.



  • amehdad
    amehdad 🟣
    edited September 2021

    Hi @Kalyan, there could be one of a few things happening for you.

    When you look at the 'Lineage' of your dataset, and you click on the dataflow that is highlighted in Orange, it should mention under the name/heading of your dataflow the reason for this needing your attention (i.e. Field "xxxx" does not exist).

    It could also be that there is a temporary server issue during data processing (i.e. Many dataflows are updating at the same time or an external issue on Domo side).

    Another thing to check is, in 'Accounts', whether one of the account credentials used to pull your data is showing the attention symbol. If so, you would need to reconnect your account (i.e. Re-Authentication on the platform/app side).

    Hope that helps. Let me know how you go.

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